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Kettlebell training

Alison Zemanek


Alison Zemanek is an NASM Certified Personal Trainer, MNU Certified Nutritionist, and Kettlebell Specialist who has found joy in helping others to live their best lives through movement and self-care since 2009.  What brings Alison the most fulfillment as a trainer is working with those who are “kettlebell curious” and helping them to become confident, competent, and strong lifters through consistent practice and self-awareness. 


Aside from sharing kettlebell strength and fitness with hundreds of individuals in a group setting over the past 12 years, Alison has had the honor of working one on one with dozens of athletes looking to achieve specific kettlebell training goals, or preparing for the StrongFirst™ SFG 1 Certification weekend. 

Alison has also integrated nutrition into her practice because she believes that it is an essential part of feeling great and lifting well.  She brings years of experience and many effective tools to those looking to improve energy, support healthy aging, and improve body composition through nutrition.  

You can work with Alison by joining Red Fox Kettlebell Club on Mon at 8a/Wed at 9a/Fri at 8a, or set up a free consultation to learn more about working with her one on one.


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

    • CPT (Certified Personal Trainer)

    • CNC (Certified Nutrition Coach)
  • StrongFirst

    • SFG2

    • SFL

  • Mac nutrition Uni (MNU)

    • Certified Nutritionist​

  • Precision Nutrition (PN)​

    • Level 2 Nutrition Coach


  • Sacramento State University

    • BA in Philosophy

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