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Why I Started A Gym...

        My name is Adam Dobrez, and I would like to tell you a little bit about why I am so passionate about helping others on their fitness journey.  When I was 13 years old, I found “the local gym” for the sole purpose of improving my performance on the baseball field.  It was great to have a place where I could focus on bettering myself, and work on my ultimate goal of becoming a professional baseball player. 


        Unfortunately, while playing sports through my teenage years I had experienced a number of semi-severe injuries, and instead of properly resting, rehabbing, and recovering; I chose to play through them.  In one such occasion, I was put on pain killers as a solution to a herniated disk in my back.  I couldn’t touch my knees, but I was still playing short stop and swinging a bat…….crazy what youth allows you to get away with!

Owner/Coach of Red Fox Gym

        Fortunately, I have a weak stomach and I could not handle being on the pain meds for more than a couple of months.  I found acupuncture and in a lot of ways it saved my life!  The first day after my first treatment, and I could already tie my shoes pain free again.  So, I went on to play baseball in college and continued to use acupuncture after each of my injuries to recover quickly.  The injuries continued though, and so after tearing my hamstring for the fourth time I decided to take matters into my own hands.  I became a strength and conditioning coach, so that I could learn how to properly train the body.  I became obsessed with curing my chronic back pain with exercise, and in my case learning how to recover properly.

        Very early on in my coaching career I had a few experiences where I very obviously helped change my clients lives for the better and for good!  This is how I knew I was meant to help others for a living.  I have been coaching 1-on-1 for the last 15 years helping others achieve their athletic and fitness goals as well as rehab those who had been hurt in classes or coming back from surgery.  I have become obsessed with helping those with chronic back pain manage or even eliminate the pain that has debilitated them for too long. 

        Red Fox Gym is a 19 year dream in the making, and our vision is to create a quality workout experience for every person that walks through the door!  Whether this is your first time working out, or you are a seasoned veteran back for another crack at it, your goals are our priority here at Red Fox Gym. 

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