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Nutrition Coach


Meet Baltazar Villanueva, a dedicated fitness professional with a passion for holistic well-being and transformative coaching. With a myriad of certifications and a commitment to excellence, Baltazar is more than a coach; he's a guide on your journey to a healthier, stronger, and more balanced life.

Baltazar Villanueva is a seasoned martial artist and an accomplished instructor with over three decades of experience in the field. For 17 years, he devoted himself to teaching individuals the art of self-defense while helping them attain peak physical condition.Baltazar's expertise spans the realms of personal training, performance enhancement, nutrition coaching, and weight loss strategies. As a Certified Personal Trainer, he goes beyond the conventional, creating personalized programs that address not just physical fitness but overall well-being.

Baltazar is not just a fitness professional; he's a Hormone Specialist, delving into the intricacies of how the body responds to training and nutrition. His holistic approach ensures that your fitness journey is not only effective but also sustainable.


  • National Academy of Sports Medicine

    • Certified Nutrition Coach

  • Performance / Lab Work

    • Level 2 Nutrition Coach

  • Weight Loss Specialist

  • Hormone specialist

  • National Coaching Institute

Baltazar Villanueva

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